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Driver's Licence
Requirements to operate a vehicle by law
The Provisional driver's license (learner's license)
Renew or replace lost provisional (learner's) driver’s license
Validity of a provisional driver’s license
The requirements for use of a provisional driver’s license
Operating a motor vehicle without the provisional drivers license in your possession
The Jamaican driver's license
What to expect at the examination depot
Types/Categories of license:
The motor cycle license test:
The private driver’s license test:
The general driver’s license test:
Driver’s license for the disabled
Validity of driver’s license
Renewing the driver’s license
An international driver's license
Replacement of lost driver’s license
Operating a motor vehicle without a drivers license
The Driver’s License
The General Driver’s License Test:
  • In addition to the road code questionnaire, the yard test,
    and the road test, applicants are required to complete a mechanical questionnaire.
  • The Mechanical Questionnaire (written test)
    Show knowledge of parts of the motor vehicle. Display the ability to perform minor repairs.