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GSB Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.
10 East Ave, Kingston Gardens, Kingston 4, Ja.
Phone:(876) 922-1960-4
Fax:(876) 922-0879
Opening Hours: Mondays to Thursdays 8:30am 3:30pm, Fridays 9:00am - 3:30pm
   We endeavour to provide an efficient and effective service to members which will satisfy the requirements of the Co-operative Societies' Act and seek to promote opportunities that will motivate members and redound to members' benefit in particular and the society at large.
   We strive to become the primary financial institution for the benefit of our members and to maintain the Credit Union's long-term financial stability.
GSB Loan Requirements
Members of the Credit Union can access loans immediately upon approval of membership as long as they are able to demonstrate the ability to secure and repay the loan: The following are tips for easy loan processing:

Bring along the following items to assist you with easier loan processing:
1. Three last payslips
2. Evidence of purchase, e.g. Proforma invoice etc.
3. Evidence of security for the loan.

Our Goal is that you and your family ACHIEVE YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS
Ease of Arrangement of a loan
Borrow up to $100,000 for Motor Vehicle Insurance. Repayment rate of just 16% per annum · As much as ten months to repay. No additional security required if GSB already has a lien on the vehicle. In other cases members must provide tangible security in order to get the 16% rate. If the member has no tangible security the regular lending rates will be applicable. Let GSB help you with your Auto Insurance needs today.
Same day approval/Approval time-table:
Members can access loans within their shares as soon as their membership is confirmed. Loans secured by savings are paid within the same day. Other loans outside of share, are approved at a credit meeting each Wedneday. Special assistance may be requested.
Repayment Flexibility
  • Members gaining regular loans have up to sixty (60) months.
  • Repayment of mortgages have up to twenty-five (25) months.
Optional Collateral
Forms of security - link to Securing your loan with GSB at